How to set environment variables in Makefile

How to set the child process environment variable in Makefile

I want to change this makefile:


Unfortunately, the second one doesn't work (the node process will still run with the default setting.

What have I missed?


By default, make variables are not exported to the environment of processes. However, you can use make to force them to do so. Change:


(assuming you have a sufficiently modern version of GNU make> = 3.77).

As MadScientist pointed out, you can export individual variables with:

Or export variables for a specific target (target-specific variables):

You can also specify the destination to - you guessed it! - EXPORT ALL THINGS !!!:


I only needed the environment variables locally to invoke my test command. Here is an example where multiple environment variables are set in a bash shell and the dollar login escaped.

I would rewrite the original target test, making sure that the required variable is defined IN THE SAME SUB-PROCESS as the application to start:

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