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David and Tamela Mann's youngest daughter Tia is a singer and make-up entrepreneur - Meet Her


Tia Mann comes from a talented family of actors and musicians: her parents David and Tamela Mann are better known for their roles in Tyler Perry's 'Meet the Browns'. Tia is also a talented singer, but nowadays she is trying her hand at her own makeup brand in the business.

Tamela and David Mann are one of the most popular couples in the entertainment industry, especially because of their Christian values ​​and their exemplary way of leading their families.

David and Tamela Mann will attend TV One Upfront's press conference on April 20, 2017 for the upcoming 4th quarter of 2018 at Current at Chelsea Piers | Photo: GettyImages

They have been together for 31 years and raised five children together after bringing their families together: David, the daughters from a previous relationship, Porcia and Tiffany, their children together, David Jr and Tia, and Tamela's niece Sonya.

Fans had the chance to meet the entire family, including David Jr.'s wife and all of Mann's grandchildren on TV One's reality TV show 'The Manns' in which Tia, the youngest of the group, made her film debut gave.

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The spoiled daughter

In her introduction to the audience, Tia's parents and siblings described her as the baby of the family and as the most spoiled of them all. Even so, everyone made sure to mention Tia's fun-loving personality, kindness, and fearless demeanor.

Her brother David also said that Tia is often the "hype man" of all family members, and Tamela and David said she was the perfect mix of the two.

The 29-year-old inherited her mother's singing talent and often offered her parents vocal backgrounds, be it in the studio or at concerts. She also worked as an assistant for her parents on the go.

Tia Mann will perform on stage on the David and Tamela 'Against The World' family tour on October 13, 2018 Photo: GettyImages

Tia is also described as a fashionista, with her parents mentioning that she has always taken care of her appearance and has always stood out for her love of bright colors and bold makeup.

In 2017, Tia studied everything about marketing, branding and starting a successful business and used her knowledge to develop her makeup line. Tilly's cosmetics.

She introduced a line of liquid lipsticks for the first time and has expanded the range over the past two years to offer her customers a collection of eye shadows, highlights, lashes and much more.


Tia underwent weight loss surgery in 2017 after opting for healthier treatment on Lifestyle Travel. Her prep process and surgery were seen on 'The Manns' and she said at the time:

'I look forward to being a much healthier person. I'm not saying I'm not healthy now, but I'm getting a little bit leaner, a little bit healthier and not having to worry about my knees hurting so much. '

A few months after the operation, Tia met her almost three-year-old friend Justin Pearson. He worked with David and Tamela on their upcoming tour, providing LED screens and lights.

When they first met, Justin thought Tia was an assistant, and he immediately noticed that she was interested in him. However, it took them a few more months to get to know each other while traveling and working together for a relationship to flourish.

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Their first date, the couple recalled, was during a Q&A session on their YouTube channel at Cicis' Pizza. They chose the restaurant because Tia was on a strict diet at the time and she didn't want Justin to spend a lot on a fancy place to eat a salad.

However, the turning point in their relationship came over the weekend of the 2017 Stella Awards in Las Vegas. Tia got Justin tickets to the show and after the event was over, he asked her to stay with him in town for two more days.

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In the same Q&A, Tia revealed that she is currently working on releasing music as a solo artist. However, she is still trying to figure out what genre she would like to do it in.

Justin also revealed that there are wedding plans for the future, but said that a lot more would take away the element of surprise for Tia, her families and her fans.

As for children, Justin said he has a teenage daughter and no longer wants children. Tia said she was a great aunt for her nieces and nephews but wasn't ruling out the possibility of having two children in the future.