What are water supply systems

Alternative water supply systems

The aim of the project is to examine alternative water supply systems in Europe for their potential to save water. The main task is to assess and show the risks as well as the social, ecological and economic consequences of implementing the alternatives. In addition, the negative effects and the sustainability of the alternatives are to be examined and presented.

In the past few years the EU has dealt more and more with the problem of water scarcity in the member states. The EU hopes to reduce the consumption of drinking water within the EU - 27 member states through various measures in order to be able to guarantee an adequate drinking water supply in the future. The EU is moving towards increasing the efficiency of water use in order to reduce drinking water consumption. This should be supported with the help of alternative solutions in the water supply.

In the course of this project, four alternative proposals for water supply were examined, namely desalination, wastewater use, artificial groundwater recharge and rainwater harvesting. The opportunities were analyzed within the following five sectors: agriculture, tourism, households, energy and industry.

The aims of the project were to calculate and estimate the risks and burdens of the proposals for people and the environment. Furthermore, the study contains an exact list of the implementation, the feasibility and the savings potential of the individual proposals in the various sectors.

A challenge of the analysis was the fact that the various measures in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtechnology, water consumption, regional environment and sector differ greatly.

The project results should contribute to reducing the drinking water consumption in the EU-27 member states in order to ensure a future supply.

The study is now available for download in its individual parts:

  • Short summary [pdf, 200 KB, English]
  • Extended Summary [pdf, 400 KB, English]
  • Task 1 report [pdf, 1.5 MB, English]
  • Task 2 report [pdf, 2.7 MB, English]
  • Task 2 report Annexes [pdf, 350 KB, English]
  • Task 3 report [pdf, 1.5 MB, English]
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