In astrology, Jupiter is always beneficial

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VI. Advantages and Dangers of Astrology

Each of the two so-called evildoers Saturn and Mars, and the two benefactors Jupiter and Venus, is in his own way the bearer of the law of the world. But while Saturn and Mars are indirectly through their opposition, the law is directly revealed through Jupiter and Venus. "Omnis definitio est negatio" says Spinoza. So that the divine "defines itself", i. H. demarcation, a negative is required. In order to shine, the sun needs the background of darkness, Saturn, and its chaos was necessary so that Jupiter tied it to the cosmos. Likewise, the force in Mars is apparently released from the divine zone into separation, but only so that love can arise between the separated in Venus. We have seen how Saturn in Aquarius and Mars in Scorpio experience the great mystery of their inverted divinity in all their tragedy and precisely through this can rise above man to god-like beings. It is easier for the children of Jupiter and Venus. They do not experience the abysses of the world, always walk close to the light, remain children of God, easily recognize his law, but do not come to his secret, namely that the ungodly is also divine, God's negative half, without which he could not appear positively. For the Saturn and Mars types the prospect is worse from the start than for the Jupiter and Venus types. Unless the greatest of one's own exertion is made, those remain rejected without ever suspecting the meaning of their depravity of the divine law. Impiously they persist in sin, hardship, ignorance and suffering, while the children of Jupiter and Venus bring with them an instinctive knowledge that there is a harmony at the bottom of all things, which turns their sins into mere weaknesses, makes their efforts easy and always unites their deepest suffering Leaves a glimmer of hope. This pious filiation with God is not given to the pure Martian and Saturn types. They are rejected or initiated, knowing the bad and the good, and in this case they seem to the pious especially to fall prey to the devil of pride. Evil is only known to those who initially seem to be rejected, and that is why only he can rise beyond good and evil by seeing through the meaning of depravity and thereby experiencing why there has to be something rejected. So his self rises above gods and angels. No savior can redeem him from his sins, because they had to be, also no grace can undo what was indispensable in the plan of creation as injustice, as negative grace. Only the serpent can help here, whose promise is not fulfilled in the average man Adam and his rib, but only in the superman, who also takes up "his cross" and carries it back to the feet of God alone with the words: I have yours Meaning understood; I will bring you back what you have rejected from yourself after it has fulfilled its purpose in the distance from God. You are recognized in me, and now let's create a better world in which suffering no longer appears as punishment but as a shadow of light, the no no longer as destruction, but as the other yes. That would be the release from all evil.

The believer is able to submit to God's will without knowing it, precisely because it is God's will. The unbeliever tries to revolt against this will, even to deny it as if there were nothing of the kind. The knower, on the other hand, experiences the will of God within himself as the law of creation and is therefore closer to the believer than the "enlightener", the only difference being that he does not blindly but sees himself according to the law, and without murmuring about the inexplicable advice Of God, as it is not uncommon for even the most devout. The believer represents childhood, the unbeliever the boozy years, the cognizant the maturity of the human spirit. He will not approve of any of the individual boons, such as incitement against church and priests, revolution against order and the like, because he knows exactly that freedom never! comes from without, but from within, but he will admit that as a whole the most unpleasant years of boozying must be passed through. Who can no longer fulfill the divine law in faith, he must do it knowing, only in this freedom can exist, never in new, supposedly better laws that are given from outside. Since, unfortunately, it is not the wise who rule, but the masses, the laws made by them forcibly are repeatedly violated by the conditions, instead of the organic development of morality and external law without revolution and violence, respectively, of the inner level of the human Mind adapts. This was the case in the middle ages, when state power was still exercised in the name of God, and those times were relatively harmonious. People knew what was right and what was wrong, and whoever did wrong was punished.

In the flail years spirit and law are despised. Of course, boobies are always excused with what was in fact no longer tolerable about the opposed authority, but because of the way in which the boobies behave against it, they are definitely wrong. When a slave breaks his chains, he is not yet a suitor, but only a freedman. The word freedom does not mean anything as long as it is not added what one is free from and what one is free to do. So who z. B. liberated from church and faith is initially less than he was, as long as he is not also free for knowledge and selfhood.

To return to astrology now: the believers will hardly have any need for it. It is poison to the unbelievers. It can only help those striving for knowledge who are already able to distinguish their self from their human ego, because their self is also safe among demons, while the central ego becomes their plaything. Anyone who practices astrology without having found a suitable relationship to the eternal, whether it be in the form of a religion, a philosophy, a worldview or one's own knowledge of good and evil, is in great danger. The planets described in the previous section and their zodiac symbols are nothing more than genii or demons. Anyone who gets in touch with them is doing magic. Nobody who buys an ephemeris should be left in doubt about this. The church forbids its believers to use magic, and with good reason, namely not because it is a superstition, but because it is based on reality and the art of dealing with witches needs to be learned.

Do not expect a revolt against the gods from astrology; There is nothing Promethean in it, nothing revolutionary, but just as little rigid dogmatics. The knower stands beyond authority and revolution. The human has lost all meaning for itself, it only has value as a hieroglyph of a divine meaning, but the moment it loses all its dignity, it glows with a new, magical vitality. No arrogance, no hubris, but deepest security in the world, and the only possibility for happiness and success is swinging in the divine law of the polarity of yes and no, day and night, growth and decay! No tower of Babel, because the lightning bolt that has to smash it is included in the construction from the beginning, but for that very reason it is not an inactive renunciation, only for those acting out of knowledge it is not the tower that is essential, but he himself, the one Builder; but he only creates according to the law of realization and annihilation, which, knowing it, he also controls. He then knows where and how high he can build, and if he was wrong and yet pulled the lightning bolt down, now that is how it hits the building, not him. This is the only way to understand the astrological law that the wise man rules the stars: not by changing their essence, but by letting the creative power working in himself prevail in the sense of its being, without it through human volition of instincts (Mars) to disturb the mind (Mercury), inertia (Saturn) or by misunderstanding their mode of operation. There are several ways to achieve this ability. One of them is astrology, which allows one to record on a piece of paper the balance of power of the various influences, which remains valid for the time between birth and death in any case, whether one remains a child, ignorant or discerning. The external effect of this unchangeable formula will, of course, be fundamentally different depending on this stage, both in what happens and in its reaction on the mind. The horoscope only represents the instrument. How the self will play on it cannot be foreseen. But what can easily be seen from the horoscope is the quality of the instrument. There are noble instruments that have all sorts of damage, then there are minor ones that are in very good condition. Many instruments are also badly tuned, errors can often be restored in whole or in part, other defects arise from misuse of the instrument or become incurable as a result. Some perfections are only possible at the expense of limitations, and finally there are minor instruments which, moreover, are so poorly able that a pure tone can no longer be produced at all.

Astrology shows us, as has already been said above, what kind of horses one has in the stable. The will of the owner cannot exchange them in this case, but he can force them, by studying their nature and keeping them in check, to get along with each other and to submit to his senses - if that sense is not nonsense, but seeks adaptation to the sense of the world. To the extent that this succeeds, he actually becomes more and more master of the aspects that are subordinate to the action of the planets through the heavenly signs. Whoever recognizes in his horoscope the nature of the opposition between two poorly aspiring planets can gradually learn to give such hostility as little nourishment and opportunity as possible through a certain inner attitude and thus to isolate the individual planetary forces as it were. In this way he receives their effects, which are always helpful in themselves, without these effects feuding one another, which is what makes them bad in the first place. That's why I can't see much good in forecasting the future after I've done it myself long enough. Believers have an instinctive aversion to it, unbelievers just a playful curiosity that makes them more and more dependent instead of freeing them. The more one recognizes, however, the more indifferent the events become. Daniel was not spared in the lions den because he was a good tamer.

It wasn't because the stars were like that on my birthday that I became who I am, but because I was like that, I was able to accept a humanity that was conditioned by this constellation. But their form is very general and ambiguous. It leaves innumerable possibilities open. If there were only one, what would this life be for? was it necessary? It would have been enough to record my nativity in the Akashic chronicle, and eternal eyes could have seen at any time what this formula means as human life. However, it is not a mechanical, but an organic law and more. Performing a chemical formula must always produce the same result; The diversity of the abundance of forms is already available to the organic world, and now even to the transcendent world of selfhood, which takes hold of this organism and makes it into an ego. Here the number of ways in which a horoscope can be experienced is infinite. What, then, means the greatest embarrassment for astrology and also provides the most well-founded objections to it, its ambiguity, that is the highest gift of grace from the deity, namely the freedom that it fundamentally reserves for every self in all its limitations. The opposition between grace and merit is probably based on freedom and its use. Without effort (merit) freedom is of no avail, without freedom (grace) all effort would be in vain. Whether there are predestined and unpredictable? That seems unthinkable to me; but some humanities in the workshop of creation fail in this way, or to put it another way: God lets himself be experimentally involved in such confused forms that freedom in the murky materiality often cannot be discovered. These are his failures that result in rejects. In whom the question arises whether he is perhaps one of the rejected, he can already see from this that this is not the case, for whoever asks is already a self and not the human ego. But this has already shown itself to be permeable to the divine because this question could become conscious.

Only those who practice astrology for the purpose of knowledge will benefit from it and see its truth. Whoever seizes them primarily for practical reasons calls ghosts he can no longer get rid of and who fool him. The best that can happen to him then is that he turns away in disappointment because there is so little you can rely on. Most of them, however, get entangled in a dependence on fate that is worse than that of the completely blind.

The meaning of creation can only be that the deity, as God who creates blindly, strives for an organ in which it can become conscious of itself. She succeeded in creating this organ in man, but it is still very imperfect. In every individual there is always a descent of God into matter, with the possibility that the goal of consciousness will be reached, with the probability that it will fail, but fundamentally rejected before it has yet been created is no form. That would contradict all meaning, and what we experience as meaning, we have to adhere to. That is: Self-revelation of the Godhead through the deification of matter and the world in man.

“Where did you take that?
How could it come to you?
Like from the junk of life
Did you acquire this tinder
The spark of last gluten
Of fresh to be encouraged?

You may not be obscure,
It is mean fuss;
At an immeasurable distance,
In the ocean of stars
I have not lost myself
I was born again. "

(Goethe, West-Eastern Divan.)

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