In Judaism, God loves Gentiles

Romans 1-3
Hope for all

Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles (Chapters 1: 1-17)

Address and greeting

1 This letter is written by Paul who serves Jesus Christ and was called by him to be an apostle.

On God's behalf, he preaches the message of salvation. God has long announced them in the Holy Scriptures through his prophets. 3-4 It is the message from his Son Jesus Christ our Lord. As a person of flesh and blood, he is a descendant of King David. By the power of the Holy Spirit he was raised from the dead; so God confirmed him as his Son and gave him the power due to him.

God has given me the privilege to be his apostle and to win people for God among all peoples. Have them believe in him and listen to him so that his name may be honored. Jesus Christ called you to believe too, you now belong to him.

I write this letter to all in Rome who are loved by God and called to belong wholly to him. I wish you grace and peace from God our Father and from Jesus Christ our Lord.

Paul wants to visit the Christians in Rome

First of all, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your faith is heard all over the world. And how often I think of you in prayer, God is my witness for that. I serve him wholeheartedly by proclaiming the saving message of his Son.

10 God also knows that I ask him again and again to finally be able to visit you once, if it is his will. 11 Because I would very much like to get to know you personally and strengthen your faith by passing on something that God's Spirit has given me. 12 But you too would give me new courage; so we would all encourage one another in our common faith.

13 You cannot imagine, dear brothers and sisters, how often I have made up my mind to come to you. But until now there was always something in the way. I would all too much like to win people over to Christ with you, as with other peoples. 14 Because I feel obliged to everyone, whether they belong to our culture or not, whether they are educated or uneducated. 15 As far as it is up to me, I would also like to proclaim the saving message to you in Rome.

God's message has great power

16 I am not ashamed of the saving message. For it is a power of God that frees all who trust in it; first the Jews, but also all other people. 17 Through them, God shows what he is: He ensures that our guilt is atoned for and that we can have fellowship with him. This happens when we rely solely on what God has done for us. It is already said in the Holy Scriptures: "Only he will find God's approval and live who trusts him."[a]

Man's guilt and salvation through faith (Chapters 1: 18-4: 25)

God's judgment on all who want to live without him

18 But God also makes his anger visible. From heaven he meets all people who rebel against God and his will. They do what displeases God and trample on the truth. 19 There is a lot that you can recognize about God, he himself showed it to you. 20 God is invisible, but in his works, the creation, people have always been able to see and experience his eternal power and divine majesty. So you have no excuse. 21 For although they always knew about God, they refused to give him the honor and thanks that were due to him. Instead, their minds revolved around the trivial, and since they remained so incomprehensible, their hearts eventually grew dark. 22 They thought they were particularly clever and were the greatest fools. 23 Instead of worshiping the eternal God in his glory, they worshiped idol statues of mortal people, birds, and quadruped and creeping animals. 24 That is why God left them to all their urges and filthy passions so that they degraded even their own bodies. 25 They twisted the truth about God and believed their own lie. They worshiped and served creation and not the Creator. But to him alone are praise and honor for all eternity. Amen.

26 Because people trampled God's truth underfoot, God gave them up to their passions by which they dishonor themselves: women have given up natural sexuality and enter into same-sex relationships. 27 Likewise, men have exchanged the natural relationship with women for an unnatural one: men have sex with men without being ashamed and let their lust run free. In this way they experience first-hand the just punishment for their idolatry.

28 They were indifferent to God; they made no effort to recognize him. Therefore, God leaves them to an attitude that spoils their whole life. And as a result, they do things they shouldn't have anything to do with: 29 They are full of injustice and meanness, greed, malice and envy, even murder; full of quarrels, deceit and mendacity, gossip 30 and defamation. They hate God, are violent, presumptuous, and arrogant. They are very inventive when it comes to evil. They refuse to listen to their parents