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Christmas party as a video conference, a new and a familiar face

For the first time in its history, the Lions Club Hochheim-Flörsheim hosted its Christmas party as a video conference. Despite all the distance, it was a convivial evening, during which Jeff Merenkov was even able to accept a new member.

Even if the medium of video conferencing is not for everyone, twenty Lions friends showed up on time to see each other again at least on the screens at the end of the year. This process turned the otherwise very festive celebration for (married) couples into a family-friendly event, in which children could also take part this time.

In advance, Clubmaster Fabian Schmidt from the Weinegg winery had put together a sample package with a sparkling wine, red and white wine each, which also included mountain cheese, wild salami and high-quality chocolate for snacking in between.

Before the glasses were filled, Lions President Kai Gundlach reviewed the first half of his unfortunately very extraordinary year as president. After the lockdown in spring, to which the jazz concert with the Graf-Stauffenberg-Gymnasium in Flörsheim had already fallen victim, the autumn benefit concert in the Hochheim parish church of St. Peter and Paul could not take place either.

The Hochheim Wine Festival is also a sociable and profitable highlight among the Lions Club's charity events in "normal" years, but this time other ways of organizing club life and generating income had to be found. Rafael Kubis ‘“ Frozen Hock ”in the“ Arte Moda ”boutique and wine bar was such a welcome support, the relocation of club-internal events in the open air made some activities possible after all.

After Markus Töpfer's professional reorientation, which unfortunately takes place outside the Rhine-Main area, a new first vice-president was immediately found in Alexander von Renz, who will take over his second presidency from Kai Gundlach in June 2021. Despite all Corona restrictions, Jeff Merenkov was accepted as a new member - so far he has only got to know the club at open-air events and via video conferences. In compliance with the pandemic, the handing over of his certificate of admission took place only in the smallest circle, but was filmed and recorded as a video for the Christmas party.

After Kai Gundlach's half-year review, vintner Fabian Schmidt had the floor, and he gave the Lions friends a look back at his not so long ago founding of the Weinegg winery and the associated ecological operating philosophy.

The pros and cons of hand-picking were also mentioned, as were the opportunities and risks of spontaneous fermentation, the result of which the Lions members were happy to understand in terms of taste based on his 2019 Riesling "sur lie" from the Hofmeister location. Previously, the new member had been toasted with a brooding sparkling wine from the same vintage, before the tasting ended with a Merlot, which was an excellent invitation to philosophize about climate change and its influence on the Rheingau-typical grape varieties.

Until further notice, the Lions Club Hochheim-Flörsheim will have to finance its funding projects from reserves. For the first time, not only will the New Year's reception not take place in January, but the upcoming spring concert will also have to be postponed to the second half of the year.

If you still want to support the Lions Club's projects, we recommend the non-profit “Association of Friends of the Lions Club Hochheim-Flörsheim e.V.”. He maintains his donation account at the Taunussparkasse (HELADEF1TSK) under the IBAN DE07 5125 0000 0006 1053 86 and is entitled to issue donation receipts. The Lions Club Hochheim-Flörsheim support social projects and organizations such as the Hochheimer Antoniushaus, the local schools and youth fire brigades as well as the Cancer Aid.


Enclosed screenshots by Holger Nicolay:

Lions Online Christmas Party 2020 - 03 Nadel - 20201209
Film recording at the video conference Christmas party of the Lions Club Hochheim-Flörsheim: Only wearing a mask, Lions President Kai Gundlach sticks the club pin on the new member Jeff Merenkov, who has just been accepted into the smallest circle.


Lions Online Christmas Party 2020 - 05 Graduation - 20201209
Raise your glasses! Lions friends and their partners do not let the corona pandemic spoil their good mood - annual review, wine tasting and socializing also work at the Lions Club Hochheim-Flörsheim at a distance by means of a video conference.


Attached photo of Alexander von Renz:

Outside, with an obligatory distance and then again without masks: First Vice President Alexander von Renz (left) and President Kai Gundlach (right) are pleased with Jeff Merenkov (in the middle, with certificate) about his admission to the Lions Club Hochheim- Flörsheim.