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May 22, 21, 12:00, by Sascha Krieger

Pieces are missing from the puzzle

Theatertreffen 2021 - Rainald Goetz: Empire of Death, Deutsches Schauspielhaus, Hamburg - Livestream (Director: Karin Beier) By Sascha Krieger An evening like Karin Beier's premiere of Rainald ... more

May 21, 21, 11:08 pm, by Konrad Kögler

Overweight, unimportant: unformed

Only every few years “Obesity, Unimportant: Unform” comes on stage in a new production: most recently in 2014 at the Schauspielhaus Zurich, 2017 at the Schauspiel Dortmund. This week ... more

05/20/21, 8:58 pm, by Monty Arnold

Media Lexicon - Film and Television (Hei-Ind)

Continued from May 18, 2021 Heist MovieKrimi, which focuses on the planning and execution of a robbery ("Heist"). The composition of the specialist team is also a ... more

05/17/21, 13:52, by Thomas Jäkel

Herzblut Freie Szene broadcast 47: Admission and payment models in the theater

In this program, macro and I talk about different entry and price models in the theater. When can it be free entry? When is it worth donating play? What are the effects ... more

05/12/21, 3:31 pm, from not found

Grimmepreis for “Forever Summer 90” with Peter Schneider

The ARD improv series “Forever Summer 90” has been awarded the Grimmepreis. For the jury the [...] ... more

05/06/21, 16:00, from literaturundfeuilleton

"Fighting, in spite of everything."

With his novel Resto qui, Marco Balzano won the Premio Asti d’Appello in 2018 and both the Prix Méditerranée étranger and the Premio Bagutta in 2019. Deservedly - because Balzano ... more

03/12/21, 13:59, from not found

Press release from the Performing Arts Alliance

Berlin March 12, 2021 Press release Members of the Performing Arts Alliance support the open letter from the Baden-Württemberg theater ensembles on March 5 ... more

04.03.21, 10:27, from the cultural-political reporter

Note: Lockup ... or something

First the book trade opens, then the museums and even some stages should have an audience before Easter. Yesterday's decision by the federal and state governments sounds like the long-demanded lockup ... more

01.01.21, 10:30 am, by Clemens Giebel

Clemens Giebel, born in Cologne in 1974, studied acting at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts. After guest contracts in Frankfurt, Halle and Stuttgart, he became ... more

04.12.20, 11:56, from not found

What I wrote…

After a long time I would like to speak up again. The fact that it took so long was due, among other things, to the fact that I was mainly working on other texts in the meantime. Like ... more

11/9/20, 12:47 PM, from not found

Neuland - Theater am Strom in the Fundus Theater (live stream premiere)

Theater am Strom in the Fundus Theater (live stream premiere) ... more

05/17/20, 5:47 pm, by Isabelle Dupuis

100th piece: Is Nathanael from E. T. A. Hoffmann's "The Sandman" the archetype of a conspiracy theorist?

When the lockdown measures to contain the Covid19 pandemic started in mid-March and everyone still participated without complaining, there was great solidarity, the will to stick together and ... more

01/21/20, 3:31 PM, from theatriumblogger


The THÜRINGER THEATERVERBAND announces the THÜRINGER THEATERPREIS for the fifth time. The prize is awarded every two years and is related to the AVANT ART FESTIVAL, which takes place from ... more

03.12.19, 18:21, from WHISPER + SCREAM

Erna Ómarsdóttir and Halla Ólafsdóttir exorcise ROMEO & JULIA at Kampnagel

The Icelandic choreographer Erna Ómarsdóttir has been known for her intensive - and ... more - since her work BLACK MORROW, which was shown at Kampnagel in 2015 or the WE SAW MONSTERS presented in 2012

09/16/19, 09:28 AM, from BR Stieve

Three new articles: UK, Tatorte and BFFS

My blog has had a new URL for two months: schspin.stieve.com. Since some of the old subscribers have not yet moved, I would like to take this opportunity to refer to the three that have been published since then ...

09/13/19, 5:50 pm, from not found

Death of a theater nomad

I started this blog 5 years ago because I had the feeling that I had more to say about (music) theater than my friends and acquaintances can bear. During this time I have ... more

08/20/19, 7:17 pm, by Felix Würgler


This almost unplayed drama by Peter Hacks is our current theater production from Theater Provinz Kosmos this summer. ...more

May 1st, 2019, 6:25 pm, by Silvia Rhode

Democratic voice training

As a German abroad, I live in American conditions. No voting documents automatically and comfortably flutter into my mailbox - I have to give my wish my democratic ... more

02/13/19, 5:18 pm, from Theater Critics Berlin

Theater reviews Berlin is moving!

I look forward to welcoming my readers to my new blog from now on. Theater reviews Berlin www.theaterkritikenberlin.de ... more

09/15/18, 8:39 pm, by Milena Karas

10th Harbor Front Literature Festival - Reading with bestselling author Cecelia Ahern

The Harbor Front Literature Festival is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and I was able to be there again this time! On September 12th, the opening day, bestselling author CECELIA ... more