How should I prepare for IIT math

Since the colleges and universities are well aware of these problems with new students in mathematics, they almost all offer appropriate preparatory courses before the start of the semester. These help the beginners to repeat the basic material of mathematics and to bring all mathematics students to the same level of knowledge before beginning. This includes, among other things, the repetition of the topics of analysis, stochastics and statistics, linear algebra and analytical geometry, and sometimes computer science. However, a certain basic understanding is required for math in the course of study, as the preliminary courses often take place at a fast pace. Therefore, you should check in advance whether you meet the required personal and professional requirements. So if you're not having much of a problem solving math problems, getting started should be pretty easy. If math was your favorite subject at school anyway, math won't be a big problem for you during your studies. Good preparation is half the battle and makes it easier for you to start your studies.

After all, 80% of all new students drop out of mathematics during their studies, mostly in the first semester. This is also confirmed by a study by university professor Günter Törner and Miriam Dieter from the University of Duisburg-Essen: four out of five mathematics students give up before completing their bachelor's degree or change subjects shortly after starting their studies.

Since the first semester in particular demands a lot of hard work, discipline and possibly frustration, you should be resilient and patient. But above all with yourself! The most important thing is that you don't get discouraged, even if the material gets a little bumpy every now and then. Math in your studies is not a reason to give up, but a challenge that just about any student can manage.