Can I consider teaching to be my passion?

Ramon Braunwart


with Ramon Braunwart

What do you find particularly fascinating about teaching math?

Math is beautiful and impressive! Everywhere there are hidden connections and seemingly impossible conclusions that can be drawn from minimal assumptions, as well as innumerable applications to our lives. Mathematics is something like the language and the set of rules of science and the universe. Although every mathematical statement is incredibly general, innumerable problems and tasks can only be solved with a piece of paper, a pen and concentrated thought. What other discipline can claim that?

How do you organize your free time?

Floorball has been my great passion for many years. I am in the hall several times a week as a goalkeeper or referee and enjoy the variety and the challenges. I also play guitar enthusiastically (more badly than right).

In your opinion, what makes a good coach?

A good coach creates an atmosphere in which the students dare to ask questions and test ideas. A tutoring lesson should not be an exam in which only correct answers count. I motivate my students to try out their possible solutions and to express their intuition. I try to convey that one does not have to "know" the solution to many problems, but can "find it out". I give my students the tools they need to take them along with them.

What do you expect from your students?

First of all, what I do not expect: That you see the coaching as school and think you have to show a certain performance for me to be satisfied. Much more, I expect them to set goals for themselves and make an effort to achieve them. It doesn't always have to work. It is more important that you are motivated and committed. I also hope that my students will always ask me questions if they don't understand something. If something is unclear you have to clarify it - there are no stupid questions.

Which didactic techniques do you find particularly effective?

I like to have my students explain to me why they can do or claim something. This helps to recognize the structures between the different concepts or one's own thinking mistakes and supports the development of a solution strategy. A concept is only really internalized when you can explain to someone else how and why it works. I would like to go there with my students.