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How to find the Pekingese you want

You already know that the Pekingese are accompanied by a relatively large number of health risks. Buying a puppy of this breed should be carefully considered, because the demand regulates the supply - for better or for worse. So support the breeders who make the health of this particular breed a declared focus of their breeding. These should definitely belong to an association. Get away from every seller who advertises with extremes (“particularly small”, “particularly large eyes” etc.) and make sure that the parent animals, which you should definitely get to know, appear balanced, fit and can breathe freely .

Of course, there are always Pekingese who have lost their home for various reasons and are now looking for a new place of work. Inquire, if you want to give an older dog a chance for a sheltered future, in the regional animal protection after Pekingesen. If there is no dog here, you will surely find it on the Internet. Before deciding on a second-hand dog, talk to the mediating office in peace and quiet and consider whether the four-legged friend suits your dog experiences, because older Pekingese can of course bring some special characteristics with them. But if you know the basics of dog training and have enough time, you can find pleasant and happy roommates in the proud characters.

We hope you enjoy your extraordinary Pekingese!