Why do doctors reject individual health policies

Every third German citizen does not want a corona vaccination

Berlin / Gütersloh. Approval for the corona policy is crumbling. A third of German citizens now “tend to” or even “completely” reject the restriction of freedom rights in the pandemic. 34 percent also do not want to be vaccinated against the novel corona virus.

These are the results of a representative survey presented on Wednesday on behalf of the Bertelsmann Foundation. The Norstat Institute surveyed more than 1000 people for the study “Between Individual Freedom and the Common Good” at the end of last year - in the middle of the second hard shutdown.

Attitude depending on the value environment

Performance and success-oriented people reject restrictions of freedom and vaccinations to an above-average degree (46 percent). Of the humanistic people for whom values ​​such as justice and tolerance are important, however, 80 percent support the corona-related restrictions with conviction.

"The corona pandemic exacerbates value conflicts that were already smoldering", commented co-author of the study, Yasemin El-Menouar, on the results of the study. In it, various value milieus, which are represented roughly equally in Germany, are examined for their attitude to corona policy.

Among them are “creative idealists”, “modest humanists”, “individualistic materialists”, “carefree relationship people” or “performance-oriented doers”, according to the Bertelsmann Foundation.

Great desire for change

Despite the different attitudes of these “value milieus” to Corona policy, almost half of all respondents (45 percent) are convinced that the crisis can also have positive effects - for example with a view to climate protection and social cohesion. Among the “performance-oriented doers”, as many as 57 percent expect such positive aspects.

Study author El-Menouar appealed to politicians to make it even clearer that individual freedoms and willingness to perform are still of great importance for society - "and that the current restrictions are clearly limited in time and serve to to be able to quickly lead a free and self-determined life again ”. (hom)