How do you choose your roast coffee

  • Our Demeter coffees are here!

    Finest organic arabica with full body and low acidity in Demeter quality!

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    Discover coffee, café creme

    and Espresso in Demeter quality

  • Espresso Colombia ASO Arhuaco

    Discover now

    The unique climate in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta ensures intense aromas and juiciness in the taste.

    Grown in harmony with nature


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    We - the graduating class of the Ubbo-Emmius-Gynasium - present our master roast. From the proceeds of each bag of "Ubbo's Master Roast" we donate € 2.50 to the graduating class of the Ubbo-Emmius-Gymnasium.


  • Our organic chocolates are here!

    100% organic. 100% palm oil free. 100% delicious.

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    Discover whole milk, white, and

    Dark chocolate in organic quality

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