What do DevOps engineers think of developers

What is a DevOps Engineer?

DevOps engineers develop processes, tools and methods to balance the different requirements that can arise in the entire lifecycle of software development - from programming to deployment to maintenance and updates.

Because the developer and IT operations teams can have different qualifications and goals. Developers often want to add new functions to an app, while the operations teams are more interested in ensuring that the app remains stable after its release.

DevOps is all about standardizing and automating processes. DevOps engineers have an important role to play when it comes to bringing programming interests, application maintenance and management together. In order to perform all of these tasks, one needs to understand not only development lifecycles, but also the DevOps culture and its philosophy, practices and tools.

You may also want to pursue a DevOps career or take training courses to advance the adoption of this technology in your company. But how do you become a DevOps engineer?


What does a DevOps engineer do?

In an agile environment it can happen that developers, system administrators and programmers - even if they are working on the same product - do not coordinate and therefore do not know exactly what would be valuable for the user. A DevOps engineer should simplify processes and bridge the gap between the actions required to change an app quickly and the tasks that make the app run reliably.

Some organizations hire professionals to “do DevOps” in their own workflow. However, since the successful introduction of DevOps depends on a changed corporate culture and changed processes, the gap between developers and operations teams may become even greater.


DevOps - the most important

DevOps engineers use their current experience to develop new skills. Because tasks such as data management and library updates for new product releases depend on the leadership skills and the cooperation in the various teams. It is also important that DevOps engineers understand the basics of application development and deployment.

CI / CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery)
You and your teams can develop and test changes, add them to repositories, and deploy updates quickly and efficiently.
What is CI / CD?

DevOps processes can be the cause and solution for software vulnerabilities.
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Is DevOps easy to learn?

Most DevOps professionals combine tools and practices with years of corporate IT experience. For the holistic perspective that is essential for a DevOps engineer, try to expand your skills beyond your own horizons - and beyond your team.

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