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CURRICULUM VITAE. St. Xavier High School Ahmedabad / India Preschool and Elementary School

Personal data school: Nov 72 to May 74 Sep 74 to Jul 78 Sep 78 to June 87 Bechtloff, Stefan, Georg born on January 10, 1968 in Ahmedabad / India divorced, 5 children (91,93,94,97,98) Bernhard -von-Weimar Str. 3, 90513 Zirndorf 0911/65 39 631 (ARB) 0911/65 39 501 (FAX) St. Xavier High School Ahmedabad / India Preschool and Primary School Primary School Uffing and Fürth Helene-Lange-Gymnasium Fürth Degree: General University entrance qualification in mathematics, physics, English and religious studies Military service: Jul 87 to Sep 88 Basic military service in the 5th Transport Battalion 270 in Nuremberg Vocational training: Nov 88 to Jan 95 May 94 to Sep 95 October 99 August 00 Study of computer science with a minor in mathematics of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Erlangen Degree: Diplom-Informatiker Univ. Training as an insurance specialist at the Berlin-Kölnische Versicherung, Nuremberg Qualification: Insurance specialist of the BWV Certification in the subject area Windows95 Completion of MCP examination Certification in the subject area IIS and SQLSERVER Completion of MCSE examination

Professional experience II: Jul 06 to May 07 Jan 07 to May 07 June 07 to Apr 09 Apr 09 to Aug 09 Aug 09 to Nov 10 Nov 10 to Jun 12 Since Jul 12 IT skills: .NET Primion-Städtler, Nuremberg Administrator + Comnessio Call Center, Nuremberg Siemens MED, Erlangen Project manager at Merowe dam / Sudan Hypo Vereinsbank Munich, RISC Management GFK Nuremberg, market analysis consultant from NewElements Nuremberg, IT company programming languages ​​VISUAL BASIC COBOL PASCAL CLIPPER SQL MATHEMATICA VBA (95-2016) special (ACCESS and EXCEL) VB.NET ASP / ASP.NET / ASP MVC (1.0 4.6.1) XML / XSLT C # (1.0 4.6.1) Operating systems DOS WINDOWS 3.10 and 3.11 WINDOWS 9X / XP NOVELL (basic knowledge) WINDOWS NT Windows 2000 Windows 2003 Windows 2008 Windows 2008 R2 Windows 2012 Page 3 of 8

IT skills II: Applications Other SQL SERVER SHAREPOINT EXCHANGE SERVER ISA SERVER DATAWAREHOUSE SHAREPOINT IIS SERVER MICROSOFT OFFICE LOTUS SMARTSUITE COREL OFFICE DATEV programs (DESY, NESY, RZ-KOMMUNIKATION, BASIC PACKAGE) Optimization of computer architecture, knowledge of computer architecture Elimination of software and hardware errors Seminars held: Operating systems Applications Development languages ​​NT workstation (introduction, administration, MCSE) NT server (administration, MCSE) WINDOWS 9X (introduction, administration, support) NOVELL (introduction) WINDOWS 2000 ADS WINDOWS 2000 administration OLAP (Implementation) SQL server (implementation, administration) ACCESS (introduction, structure, programming) EXCEL (introduction, structure, programming) WORD (introduction, structure, programming) LOTUS 1-2-3 (introduction) LOTUS WORDPRO (introduction) DELPHI Windows Scripting Host VBA Word VBA Excel VBA Access VB 6.0 VB.NET ASP ASP.NET C # Page 4 of 8

Pfleger: ASP + SQL-Server) Automated incoming payments with import into the financial accounting (order INFRA Fürth: ACCESS + SQL-Server) OPIS evaluation program (order Eckart Fürth: ACCESS + SQL-Server) Action days online program (order DR. Pfleger: ASP + SQL server) page 5 of 8

Programming projects II Oct 03 Dec 2007 PPE clothing management (order Eckart Fürth: VB.NET + SQL Server) Jan 03 - Jan 04 Dec 03 July 03 Dec. 04 Jan 04 Feb 04 Dec. 04 Jan 05 Jun 05 Jun 05 Jun 06 Jul 06 May 07 Jan 07 - May 07 Jun 07 - Apr 09 Apr 09 Aug 09 Aug 09 Nov 10 Nov 10 Jun 12 Jun 12 Oct 12 Video rental (order Paracelsus Munich: ACCESS + SQL Server) Update of relative paths in Word documents (order company Lauda Würzburg WORD VBA ) Website football club (commissioned by SSV Elektra Nbg. ASP.NET / SQL-Server 2000) Tool for transferring order data via the Internet (commissioned by SANDATA - INGRAM SQL-Server 2000) Conception of a CMS system (commissioned by IT training courses ASP.NET / SQL -Server 2000) Project management of a web-based back office software (order ZIEL IT-Innovations ASP.NET / SQL-Server 2000) Project management of a web-based back office software (order ZIEL conversion to SQL-Server 2005 / VS 2005) access control system (order Primion-Städtler, SQL -Server 2005 / VS 2005 ) and administrator (commission Comnessio, call center software) (commission Siemens MED, SYNGO software) project management of a management information system (commission from Lahmeyer Merowe / Sudan) a RISC management tool (commission HVB Munich) a market analysis tool (commission GFK Nuremberg) a SSIS Task for Sales Overview (order PUMA Nuremberg) Page 6 of 8

Programming projects III Oct 12 Mar 13 Conversion from Crystal Reports to SSRS Reports (commissioned by DATEV Nuremberg) Oct 12 Mar 13 Mar 13 Jun 14 Jun 13 Nov 14 Jun 13 Mar 14 Jul 14 Aug 14 Dec 14 Jun 15 Jun 15 Oct 15 Dec 15 Feb 16 Feb 16 Mar 16 Conversion from Crystal Reports to SSRS Reports (DATEV Nuremberg order) Visualization of telephone system data SSRS (Kärcher order) Word to RDL converter (DATEV order) System Center Add-in for creating virtual machines (ONSITE order) Excel Macro PO Upload Outlets (order PUMA Nuremberg) Conversion of SGQuelle.De to Responsive Design (commissioned by SG Quelle) Power BI and SSAS (commissioned by Lauer and Fischer) PLC dynamic database (commissioned by Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen AG) Tool for project planning (commissioned by IMS Gear) Foreign languages: English French German Mother tongue School knowledge father language Page 7 of 8

Reference customers: AEG Computer Competence DR. Pfleger Eckart Hypo Vereinsbank INFRA IT-Innovations LIF MAN MIKRONIK Paracelsus Schools R & K Informatik SCHUSTER & Walter SIEMENS Lahmeyer International Kärcher Training and Consulting Services Training and Projects Online Programs Consultants and Consultants and Training and Projects Training and Consulting Services Training and address management PPS system, waiter till, order book advisor, and administrator training courses, system administration training courses and building budget program Project management and implementation Project management and implementation On behalf of Computer Competence, Schuster & Walter, IT Innovations, LIF and R & K Informatik, I am with many other customers have been in use. E.g .: EWAG, BAYERN WERKE, LGA, GFK, CEBAL as of March 20, 2016 Stefan Bechtloff Page 8 of 8