How can communication with grapevines be controlled

The Carl Jung company has been producing alcohol-free wine at Boosenburg Castle using the method of the same name since 1907 so that people who do without alcohol can also enjoy the Rheingau wine specialties. When modernizing the bottling facility, the company had to look for new ways to make the production process more efficient. Together with the supplier Corosys, it was decided to implement an automatic wine filter system including a CIP (cleaning in place) system for the entire bottling process. The system is cleaned in a circular or continuous process without prior dismantling. In particular, the automatic cleaning, sterilization and validation of the filter system saves time in preparation for filling and ensures consistently good cleaning results. By monitoring the pressure loss, blocked filter elements can be identified and regenerated at an early stage, before a complete cleaning is necessary. With the CIP system, the challenge was to install it in a small space. Lye and acid are automatically dosed from special containers in the chemical store until the desired concentration is reached. This ensures more safety when dealing with hazardous substances. There are various automatic programs for the cleaning process, which ensure a high degree of flexibility. In this way, the individual systems can be cleaned independently of one another. An automatic, time-controlled start preparation for the start of filling at the start of the week has also been implemented, e.g. after a long period of standstill over the weekend.

Plant construction and more

In the course of modernization, industrial data management and digitization also played an important role. The basis for this is stable connectivity, data security and high availability. In addition to the system, Corosys also supplied the system for data acquisition and customized visualization in the sense of an integrator. Among other things, Forecast models about the technical condition of the systems, e.g. B. for predictive maintenance, but also for detailed and reliable statements on process progress and product quality. In the overall technical concept, Corosys relies on routers or IIoT gateways from the Ewon series from Wachendorff. The visualization of important key figures takes place on site using the KPI dashboard from Visualys, a corporate startup from Wachendorff.

High customer orientation

Corosys not only placed high demands on the mechanical and electronic components of the overall solution, but also on the software used and the support and service that are closely linked to the respective system. Corosys also supports operators like Carl Jung in operating their systems as efficiently and trouble-free as possible. They have to be able to rely on the plant so that they can concentrate fully on the manufacture of their products. Due to the global orientation and the high export share of the wines, the requirements in the area of ​​product safety and traceability are becoming more and more demanding.

Remote access as the linchpin

Corosys wants to provide support here with its SmartMachine interface. The system control is connected to the customer database via an encrypted VPN connection. All process and machine data are saved in a redundant database. When it comes to connectivity, the system manufacturer relies on the VPN routers of the Ewon Flexy 205 series from Wachendorff Prozesstechnik. Classic remote access by service technicians to the systems and controls of various makes via the Internet is possible and has been used successfully for years. Accesses are precisely logged. Alerting by email or SMS is also used. Should a fault occur in the system that the on-site staff cannot rectify independently, the SmartMachine interface comes into play. This means that commissioning and maintenance can be efficiently supported remotely and predictive maintenance can be guaranteed. The prerequisite for the points mentioned is a central collection and preparation of the machine and system data. For this purpose, machine data is recorded directly by the PLC from the remote maintenance router, stored and transmitted in encrypted form via secure data interfaces (REST API). The router offers an interface for historical data and one for current data within the Talk2M connectivity portal. The information recorded is then collected and evaluated centrally at Corosys.

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