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Coffee with a shot - the alcoholic seduction of coffee

Coffee knows how to lead in many different ways. Sometimes it shows its sweet side, sometimes its strong and sometimes it seduces us with aromas of cinnamon or caramel. The world of coffee has become colorful. There are many ways to refine the coffee's taste. Milk and sugar are of course the classic ingredients that find their way into the coffee cup. There are also other attractive mixtures such as milk coffee with nut, amaretto, caramel or cinnamon syrup or coffee with marzipan. A particularly hot combination is coffee with a shot. This is not only drunk to warm up on cold days, but also serves as a conclusion to a good meal or enhances relaxed coffee moments that feel like a vacation.

Coffee drinks with alcohol from Germany

Coffee invigorates, relaxes and wakes you up. As a small reward in the evening, he can initiate an active, cozy evening. Each country refines the coffee with different spirits and thus creates unique combinations. These coffee-alcohol recipes come from Germany.

Diplomatic coffee
This variation is perfect for those with a sweet tooth. With diplomatic coffee, the coffee is mixed with 3 cl egg liqueur. As a crown, he wears a beautiful, white cream cap, which is also decorated with cocoa powder.

Rüdesheimer coffee
A classic coffee with a shot is Rüdesheimer Kaffee: It was invented in 1957 by a famous German TV chef in Rüdesheimer am Rhein. This German coffee specialty is served in a preheated tall glass with a handle or a special Rüdesheimer coffee mug. It consists of flambéed brandy (mostly Asbach Uralt), coffee, whipped cream and vanilla sugar.

The delicious hot coffee drink that warms body and soul was invented by the North Frisians. In the Pharisäer, aromatic coffee, strong rum and sweet whipped cream combine to create a delicious taste experience.

Schwatten or Schwaten is a thin, sweetened coffee that is refined with about 20 ml of grain. This is mainly drunk in northern Germany.

Coffee drinks with alcohol from all over the world

Each country has its own alcoholic coffee specialties, which are mostly mixed with spirits that are typical for the country. While the Irish refine their coffee with their Irish whiskey, the French prefer their coffee with cognac or orange liqueur. The Italians, on the other hand, use grappa or amaretto to conjure up coffee specialties that make the hearts of coffee lovers beat faster. Here is a small overview of international coffees with a shot.

Cafe Royal
The Cafe Royal comes from France. During preparation, 1 cl of cognac is heated and flambéed in a wide coffee cup. A teaspoon full of sugar is placed on top, which is caramelized by the heat. Finally, the caramelized sugar is mixed with the cognac and the cup is topped up with fresh coffee.

Espresso Coretto or Cafe Coretto
This hot drink is an Italian coffee specialty. Espresso Coretto means "corrected espresso". The "correction" consists in adding alcohol to the coffee. Many Italians prefer a shot of grappa in their freshly made espresso. But other spirits such as brandy, sambuca or amaretto are also used for improvement.

Irish Coffee
Irish Coffee was invented in Ireland in 1940 and has grown in popularity ever since. Even in Germany, Irish coffee is now in great demand and has earned a permanent place on the drinks menu of many cafés. The mixed coffee drink consists of coffee and Irish whiskey. It is usually also decorated with cream.

The Biedermeier is an Austrian coffee specialty that was created in the Café Biedermeier in Vienna. In this recipe, a large mocha or strong coffee is mixed with 20 ml of apricot liqueur. The whole thing is decorated with an appetizing whipped cream.

Another Austrian invention is the Fiaker. The strong coffee, which is prepared with a dash of kirsch or rum, is served in a tall glass with a handle. A whipped cream with powdered sugar rounds off the appearance of the Fiaker perfectly. Its name goes back to the famous Viennese horse-drawn carriage drivers, who supposedly drank this special coffee between two trips. The handle was necessary because the coachmen could only hold the drink with one hand.

Cossack coffee
Contrary to what the name suggests, the coffee does not come from Russia, but is also an Austrian creation. A hot espresso is mixed with heated red wine, vodka and sugar.

The Carajillo is an alcoholic espresso mixed drink from Spain. The espresso is flavored with brandy and sugar. The Spaniards describe the enjoyment of the Carajillo with "fire on the tongue, velvet in the throat and warmth in the heart". The fiery mixture of caffeine, sugar and alcohol makes the coffee particularly invigorating.

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