What can I do with Facebook likes

More likes for the fan page: This is how the fan numbers on Facebook are exploding

Do you also know these messages in your Facebook account? "Please like my Facebook fan page!" This is a really clumsy attempt that you should click on "Like". So what's going to happen? Do you like or put the person on your personal spam list? If you don't know the person personally, then it's clear that you will ignore the message and the person on yours Spam list lands.

In addition, the question arises whether a fan makes sense at all if he likes for a personal favor and not because the content appeals to the fan. You don't need such fans on your fan page.

Because not a large fan base will advance you as an entrepreneur, but one active and interactive fan base.

You don't get any benefit from having 10,000 likes, but no one who can identified with your company and so does not use any products or services from you.

So how do you get new, active fans? Real fans who are also interested in your company and fill your fan page with life. Especially at the beginning of a Facebook adventure, the question arises of how the first fans should be made aware of the site.

So that these steps succeed and your Facebook presence also brings the desired success, there are small ones Adjusting screws in marketingthat must be set accordingly. Add the right strategy and your fan page will win real fans!

Promote your Facebook fan page

A central tip that has to run through your entire company and which is to be implemented immediately with the creation of the fan page: You have to live Facebook and immediately integrate into your whole company.

Build yours Fanpage URL in your letterhead, invoices, quotes, receipts, email signatures and any other correspondence that leaves your company. Advertise your fan page to your previous contacts. You also have to have it for your fan page on your brochures, image brochures, advertisements, company cars, yes with all imaginable options Generate attention. This is how you live Facebook.

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What do you want to achieve with your Facebook fan page?

First of all, you should check whether your fan page is clearly conveying what is actually happening Purpose of the site is. This is the only way for a potential fan to know immediately whether they are interested in the site and are therefore the right fan for your company. A fan page can draw attention to an offer, a website, a company and an attempt is made to attract visitors and via Facebook for these purposes Attract customers.

Only when one Structure and a clear benefit are recognizable for the fanpage visitor, they will like your fanpage.

And this method is also one of the most successful for gaining new fans. As soon as a fan engages with your content, he becomes it like and comment. These activities then appear in the News feed from friends and acquaintances of the fan. So you have the chance to generate new fans completely automatically.

Win new fans with Facebook ads

Facebook Ads are advertisements that are targeted to Facebook users. You can reach so many users who are interested in your fan page but would not otherwise have noticed it. Facebook Ads can be set up in a very targeted manner. You can Determine the target group very precisely and so those Satisfy user needs.

Anyone can create Facebook Ads. You should be experimenting with multiple ads right at the start to see which one gets the most clicks. Otherwise there is a risk of unnecessarily burning money. So-called “sponsored messages” are also possible. Individual posts from you will then be displayed to suitable users in the news feed.

With Facebook Ads, however, it is particularly important for inexperienced companies to get help. Hire an agency that will continuously take care of the Creation and support of advertising campaigns takes care. The additional costs are amortized relatively quickly, because inaccurate advertisements or ads with weak clicks quickly cost a lot of money. That means, you spend a lot of money, but have little success with the Facebook ads.

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Install Facebook on your existing pages

With the Open graph you can integrate Facebook applications on your other pages and thus build the bridge between Facebook and external pages. You are probably familiar with the large displays of Facebook banners on websites. So build yours in the sidebar or in the text Fan box and thus attract attention to your fan page. With just one click on the "Like" button, the visitor to your page is connected to you via Facebook.

In addition, such a fan box also creates a certain Trust in your company. Because nobody will like your page if they are not satisfied with the content, products or services.

So if the visitor immediately sees 50 Facebook faces, that's one extremely positive advertising for your company and it creates an incredible amount of trust, even though you have not taken any other steps to build trust. After all, the visitor may be on your website for the first time and already see the full fan box and 2,000 "likes". That convinces the visitor of your company and it does it right!

Word of mouth is "like" propaganda today

The easiest and fastest way is still to get your To make fan numbers explode. What used to be “village talk” or word of mouth in the village is today Like, comment and share on Facebook. And everyone wants to take part if the content is right. So what is spreading fastest in our society?

Think of the "village talk". Gossip is still very popular and it is up to you to design posts to reflect the Contents short, funny, personable and interestingcome over. So what the mouse is holding is liked. If you manage to make postings so interesting and varied, your triumphant advance on Facebook can hardly be stopped.

Example of a successful Facebook page

Take a look at the Zeit Magazin fan page on Facebook. Check out how many fans the site has and how many "talk about". Then study the content, adapt the ideas to your company and the fan structure already works.

Facebook as an interface

With these tips and thoughts, it should now be much easier for you to gain new fans for your Facebook presence. Besides, I don't think so Buy fans for the Facebook fan page. This clearly speaks against the fact that users now recognize for themselves when fans have been bought, and that will cast a bad light on your company.

Don't forget to pick up the fans from Facebook too. What do you do when suddenly you can no longer access Facebook? The reasons for this do not matter, because the point is that you find a way to turn your Facebook fans into your own, for example Email distributor to get. With a Opt-in form something like that works wonderfully and you remain independent of Facebook, which you should never ignore.

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Andreas Hollender is co-founder of YEAH! Internet agency and a publishing house for new media. Through individual advice on a personal level, he tries to develop new online marketing strategies in order to meet the needs of his customers.