Why are my cats acting crazy

Cats and their wild five minutes: what's behind it?

It usually happens out of nowhere and ends as suddenly as it started: The wild five minutes with cats can really frighten the owner. The good news: it's normal and your cat is almost certainly not insane.

This is what the wild five minutes can look like with a cat

Your cat lies peacefully on the scratching post and looks at you friendly. A second later a wild ball of fur races through your legs, flies over the sofa with big ears, looks at you from the windowsill with a confused face and moans passionately. It goes on already, your cat hisses across the room with bristling fur, its tail pointing straight up like a bottle brush.

And then it's over again. Like this or something like that, many cat owners all over the world watch the wild five minutes of their pussies every day. Incidentally, the behavior often starts after the visit to the litter box.

"Insane" behavior is not a cause for concern

Of course, it is legitimate to ask whether a cat's wild five minutes are normal. The answer is yes. In the eyes of many experts, it is even a sign that your fur nose is fine and comfortable with you. The "crazy time" serves to reduce accumulated energies, release adrenaline and thus become more balanced again. You can help her by keeping your cat out of boredom with a variety of games, a nice scratching post and occasional petting and by giving her enough workload.

However, a bad feeling cat usually doesn't show a crazy five minutes, but rather appears unusually reserved and listless. Only when a velvet paw is familiar with its own four walls and feels secure will it dare to go crazy. So don't worry if it gets hectic for a few minutes, but be happy that your kitty shows herself to you so exuberantly. And what's more, the hustle and bustle is sometimes very funny to watch.

Check out the video below to see what the wild five minutes of Simon's Cat look like. Simon Tofield, the creator of the famous YouTube cartoon cat, explains with the help of a cat behavior expert what these "crazy" kitties are all about.

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