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College football: move of the century? The football world is thrilled with touchdown when falling

Munich - college football is known for its deviating rules to the NFL for repeatedly causing crazy scenes and plays. Quarterback Daniel Smith of the Villanova Wildcats proved that something like this can happen unintentionally.

Crazy touchdown leaves the football world speechless

When the quarterback tries to escape from the pocket near the end zone in the spring season game against Delaware Football, he is knocked off his feet by the defender. However, instead of accepting the sack or throwing the ball out of bounds, he threw the ball as it fell towards the end zone, where receiver Charlie Gilroy could catch it for a touchdown.

Surprised by his own luck, the playmaker only realized when he got up again that he had just succeeded in what was possibly the most spectacular touchdown of the entire college season. Due to the crazy play, the Wildcats were able to shorten it to 20:27, but lost the game in the end against Delaware Football.

At least Daniel Smith will remember this move that made him an internet phenomenon overnight.

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