What is a B Tech in the pharmacy

Biontech vaccine: ominous calls to pharmacies

The public pharmacies actually have very little to do with Biontech's mRNA vaccine. Due to the necessary storage temperatures, among other things, the distribution and preparation of the vaccine does not go to the dispensary. Not least because of this, numerous pharmacies were surprised last week when they received calls from the biotechnology company.

During the phone call, the caller stated that he wanted to provide information about the vaccine. Prior verbal consent is required for this, after which the pharmacy's email address can be included in a kind of newsletter distribution list. The caller was often difficult to understand and spoke quickly, says a pharmacist. For most owners it quickly became clear: This is a scam and not a serious call.

The pharmacists contacted ask why Biontech should call pharmacies individually. Most of them are sensitized to scams, not least because of the corona pandemic. “I haven't said anything on the phone for a long time,” says an affected pharmacist. The way in which he was contacted also seems questionable: “Why don't you just send us a brochure if you really want to distribute information? Or use the route through the associations? "

Other pharmacists wrote down the phone number and did some research. According to statements by the Baden-Württemberg State Pharmacists' Association, it is actually a number from the biotechnology company. But how meaningful is this finding? When asked, a Biontech spokesman was initially unable to provide any information on whether his company made such calls. The request was forwarded internally to the relevant department.

Most recently, the Medicines Commission (AMK) asked pharmacists and PTAs to ask customers who had already been vaccinated about vaccination reactions. Pharmacists and PTAs could clarify questions about the topics of corona and immunization during the consultation and contribute to more transparency. Some of the pharmacists contacted consider it possible that Biontech might want to provide advice and instructions on how to do this. Nevertheless: Most of the pharmacies that have been called up to now consider the telephone way of transmitting information to be questionable. Especially because verbal consent is required.

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