Why doesn't a mirror reflect 100

100 seconds: how does a mirror work?


Mirror, mirror on the wall how do mirrors work in this country?

I'll explain that to you and how you can see spy mirrors

A mirror mainly consists of two layers: the most important is a thin, smooth layer of aluminum. Which is responsible for the actual reflection of the light rays into our eyes. So a mirror image is made possible. This layer is then protected by a clear glass plate.

Why is glass actually transparent?

Incidentally, glass is transparent because water or glass (almost) does not reflect light, but lets it pass through. Only the green color spectrum is better reflected in glass than the others. That is why you can say that a mirror has the color "green".

But why does a mirror reflect while a smooth white wall is simply white?

What matters is: the aluminum layer is extreme pressed smooth. Like a high-quality film - only more stable. We can now see ourselves in the mirror because there the rays of light bounce off symmetrically, no matter where the light hits. In a wallpaper we have the smallest uneven fibers and hollows that scatter the light in all possible directions.

But I can't reflect myself on a smooth tabletop either.

Yes, because, to put it bluntly, they are still not smooth enough for the light. Strictly speaking, bumps must be less than 0.0001 millimeters.

Then why does it reflect left and right but not above and below?

He doesn't do that at all. He swaps the front and back. The left / right exchange known to us corresponds to the 180 ° "rotation" of our self.

When we look at ourselves in the mirror and rays of light hit the mirror, our brain pretends to see all rays just fly into our eyes - no matter how crooked they hit the mirror. This also creates our familiar reflection - as if we were looking through the mirror.

Now a little life hack for the paranoids among you. You can see a transparent one-way mirror, also called a spy mirror or a Venetian mirror. Just press your fingernail against the mirror. If your fingernail touches the fingernail directly in the mirror, it is a spy mirror! If there is a gap between the fingers, it is a normal mirror.