How fast can a cockroach move

Cockroaches are nauseating bugs that can invade the home like an invasion. Also known as cockroaches, they avoid the light and are mostly active in the dark. The animals are infectious and transmit diseases, especially their excrement endanger human health. If there is a cockroach infestation, act quickly to control the vermin. Anyone who pays attention to continuous hygiene in the kitchen and bathroom does not provide the pests with a livelihood.

Cockroach infestation

Cockroaches are attracted to kitchen trash and leftover food. The pests can spread through supply shafts in your own household, especially if there is a hospitality industry in the neighborhood. Cockroaches also find their way into the home with the help of packaging materials and groceries from the supermarket. The vermin can also be brought in through used furniture and electrical appliances. Furthermore, cockroaches like to hide in holiday and travel luggage and get into their new home in this way. They mainly feed on leftover food, but materials such as wood, leather, paper, cardboard and textiles can also serve as a livelihood. For this reason, cockroaches can settle and multiply anywhere in living spaces and utility rooms.
  • Prefer dark rooms such as basements and garages
  • Spreads quickly in damp and warm kitchens, bathrooms and washrooms
  • Transfer dangerous germs
  • Possible pathogens: cholera, yellow fever, hepatitis, gastrointestinal flu and tuberculosis
  • Cause parasites, salmonella and worms
  • Allergies, asthma, and eczema often worsen in affected individuals
  • Lay new eggs even in agony
  • Eggs do not tolerate extreme heat or freezing temperatures


Since the pests usually only come out of their hiding place in the dark, a cockroach infestation is difficult to detect at the beginning. In addition, the cockroaches move very quickly and nimbly. If the vermin is seen in the light during the day, then the population has already increased extremely and there is an immediate need for action. The pests prefer to spread in areas that are difficult to access. Food residues collect there, especially in the kitchen, and provide the cockroaches with an ideal livelihood. However, there are certain indications that cockroaches in your own household are infested, even if the vermin is not yet visible.
  • Flat and oval body is either dark or light brown in color
  • At the head end there are two long and narrow antennae
  • Cockroaches can grow up to several centimeters in size
  • Active in the dark, so infestation is often not recognized in time
  • Periodically check possible hiding places
  • Find shelter in cracks and joints
  • Like to hide behind and under furniture
  • Do damage to food and packaging
  • Infestation manifests itself by a sweetish and musty smell
  • Set up glue traps, isolated cockroaches stick to them


If cockroaches settle in the living areas, the vermin must be combated immediately. Otherwise it spreads explosively and can infect the residents with diseases and parasites. Fighting cockroaches should be done with a lot of patience, thoroughness and regularity. These have a lifespan of 100-200 days, and a female can lay several hundred eggs. As a rule, the cockroaches are not completely destroyed in a single fight.

For this reason, all affected rooms should be cleaned regularly and the antidotes should be laid out over a longer period of time. In this phase, the progress can be checked with glue traps, in this way the effectiveness of the means can also be checked. It was only when no cockroaches stuck to the traps after a few months that the control was actually successful. If none of the resources help at all, then professional help should be sought.
  • Remove livelihoods for the pests
  • Store supplies safely and airtight
  • Completely remove leftover food and never leave it there for longer
  • Thoroughly clean all affected rooms several times
  • Teach and clean trash cans daily
  • First, take action against cockroaches using natural means
  • These include borax, boric acid, fossil plankton, diatomaceous earth, and pyrethrum
  • Apply to the places where the pests like to be
  • Use different agents at the same time to increase effectiveness
Tip: For the protection of small children and animals living in the household, chemical agents should initially be avoided. Only when the biological control proves to be ineffective after some time should insecticides and chemical bait be used.


Most homeowners only superficially clean the rooms, so leftover food and other edible materials can build up in remote areas. Therefore, in addition to thorough cleaning of all surfaces, more in-depth cleaning of areas that are difficult to access is required. Since cockroaches cannot tolerate excessive heat, hot water is very useful when cleaning.
  • Use hot water with temperatures above 60 ° C
  • The use of a steam cleaner is ideal
  • Thoroughly clean hidden corners
  • Clean under, behind and on kitchen cabinets and furniture
  • Disinfect floors and kitchen appliances
  • Remove visible residues from cocoons, excretions and egg packets with a vacuum cleaner
  • Then immediately dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag outside the home


Much better than any control method is not to give the cockroaches a chance to spread. To prevent cockroach infestation right from the start, all living areas should always be kept clean and thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Ideally, the garbage can is not in the house, but outside. With the right measures, the risk of infestation with the pests can be reduced in the long term.
  • Clean up the kitchen immediately after cooking
  • Disinfect used work surfaces
  • Do not leave leftover food lying around
  • Seal food securely
  • Check purchases for cockroaches brought along
  • Dispose of used packaging immediately
  • Check suitcases and bags while on vacation, check again at home
  • Seal hiding places such as gaps, joints and cracks well
  • Use rubbish bins with a tightly fitting lid
  • Dispose of kitchen garbage and other rubbish every day

Can cockroaches fly?

To the horror of many house residents, cockroaches can actually fly, but only females. In this way, they can flee in dangerous situations and ensure continued survival and reproduction. The males have stunted wings, but usually cannot use them for real flight. The larvae of this vermin have not yet developed any wings.
  • Wings only develop in adults
  • Have two pairs of membranous wings on the body, fine hind wings and leather-like wing wings
  • Due to the height and weight, there is more of a gliding flight
  • Because cockroaches can move quickly, this method of locomotion is preferred
  • Often the ability to fly develops only at very high temperatures

Does cockroach infestation have to be reported?

Whether a cockroach infestation has to be reported to the public order office depends on the type and extent. If there is a major infestation in a private building, the landlord should be notified first. In the event of an extremely widespread distribution, this must commission a professional exterminator to fight the vermin. In the event of a cockroach infestation in the hospitality industry, there is a legal obligation to report due to the health hazard posed by the pests.
  • Fighting pests is generally the responsibility of the home or property owner
  • Either preparations have to be laid out independently or an exterminator has to be commissioned
  • If the responsible persons do not take action, the public order office must be informed
Cockroach infestation can occur even in clean households if the owner brings in the vermin from outside. In addition, cockroaches can get into living spaces through supply and ventilation shafts if these are located in the vicinity of gastronomic-run locations. This type of insect arouses a strong feeling of disgust in most people, and not without good reason. In addition to an unpleasant external appearance, the pests transmit many diseases and parasites. Above all, their excrement endanger the health of small children and old or already sick people. In the early stages, the vermin can be combated with natural means. Prevention is important through thorough and regular cleaning actions. In addition, food and leftovers should not be lying around openly. If there has been a major infestation with cockroaches, this should definitely be reported to the property management or the owner. In the case of hardship, only an expert exterminator can provide long-term relief. If the responsible authorities do not take care of the plague, there is an obligation to report to the respective regulatory office.