What happened to aol

Disappeared brands: AOL, TelMI, D2 Privat, Quam & Co.

Compuserve / AOL

Do you remember the CDs that regularly fluttered into your mailboxes or were stuck in magazines? They came either from Compuserve or AOL and came from the pre-DSL era. Anyone wanting to use data networks could not avoid an online service - dialing in was via the telephone line, modem and ISDN. The process is still available today as Internet by Call, but no longer as access to an online service, but as Internet access.

The CDs from Compuserve and AOL contained a program with dial-in software. For a long time, this was a prerequisite for dialing into the network. Initially, in addition to the minute charges for the provider, telephone costs were also due, but later these CDs became more and more interesting for many. It was advertised with 100 free hours, at times even flat rates for 20 D-Marks were found. So many who didn't think much of AOL up to now became AOL users after all - at least for a while. You can read more about AOL in a review of the brand as part of a series "What about ...". As part of this series, we also looked back at Compuserve.

AOL users surf today at o2

The brand name Compuserve disappeared after a takeover by AOL. AOL's CDs are now history too. On the one hand, hardly anyone would use it anymore, after all there is no DSL by Call by inserting a CD (apart from the fact that, for example, ultrabooks today often no longer have a CD drive). On the other hand, the AOL access business was sold to HanseNet in 2007. You don't know HanseNet? But: The brand name Alice was known nationwide. However, Alice was not interested in the actual modem access business; they wanted to inspire DSL customers much more. But as is the saying: "Firstly, it turns out differently, secondly, than you think."

Read more about the Alice brand and what has become of the brand of the Hamburg DSL provider HanseNet on the next page. Here you can also find out what Telefónica has to do with AOL.