What is VLF REC

Radio receiver VLF Sub-D 15p.

Product description:

VarioRec 6 radio receiver to expand a Medicall 800

Radio call detector for one-room solutions, replaces conventional call buttons in connection with the associated radio call transmitter.

A radio receiver only reacts to previously trained radio transmitters, provided that the master mode is not activated. In master mode, the radio receiver reacts to all radio transmitters in the radio system, with the exception of those that have been previously trained.

In the activated maintenance mode, radio signals from defined radio transmitters are temporarily ignored, e.g. to suppress alarm triggers when stepping on a radio contact mat. A maintenance mode can be started manually and is ended automatically.

Vital mode enables automatic control of the activity of people in need of care. If a defined radio transmitter is not operated within the set time interval, an alarm is automatically triggered.

All taught-in radio transmitters remain permanently stored in the event of a power failure. Up to 63 radio transmitters can be trained. If the memory is no longer sufficient, stored information can be deleted again.

An alarm is triggered via a radio transmitter by switching commands from the radio receiver to the nurse call system and are not stored in the radio receiver. The nurse call system takes over the alarm compliance and resetting.

Operational safety is guaranteed by the monitoring mechanisms mentioned below; any faults that may have occurred are optically signaled on the radio receiver and forwarded to the nurse call system.

The malfunctions can be reset automatically or by resetting the radio receiver to the delivery state without deleting the transmitter information.

Transmitter monitoring

  • Daily control of sender-related status messages that are automatically sent every 10 hours. If no status message from a trained radio transmitter is received within 24 hours, the radio transmitter is outside the radio cell or is no longer active. The transmitter monitoring is deactivated on delivery.

Battery monitoring

  • Intelligent evaluation of the battery capacity each time a signal is received from assigned radio transmitters. Once a weak battery has been detected, it is ready for operation for a few weeks.

Jammer detection

  • Permanent scanning of the operating frequency for transmission signals that endanger the error-free operation of the radio system. Continuous assurance of the functionality in the radio system.

Switching outputs

Alarm output as inverted normally open contact, switching behavior momentary, pulse length approx. 1 second, monitored according to VDE0834

Fault output as normally closed contact, constant switching behavior, reset by pressing a button, voltage interruption or reset

Technical specifications

Operating voltage24V DC (+/- 10%)
Power consumptionapprox. 20 mA in rest position, approx. 30mA max.
serviceVia pushbuttons and trained radio transmitters
Switching output alarmNoiseless relay, make contact, monitored according to VDE0834, ringing voltage 10V / 15V / 24V
Switching behavior alarmSensing (impulse) approx. 1 second
Fault outputNoiseless relay, break contact, monitored according to VDE0834
Fault in switching behaviorConstant, resettable
connectionBuilt-in connector
Dimensions65 x 45 x 20 mm (H x W x D) without connector
colourwhite (RAL 9010)
materialABS Plastic
Weightapprox. 40 g.
conformityCE, EMV RL 2014/30 / EU, RED RL 2014/53 / EU, RoHS RL 2011/65 / EU, DIN 0834
data sheet (follows)
operation manual (follows)
Product units per pack: 1 piece