Draupadi has forgiven her men

What was the real story of Bhima's oath to drink DushAsana's blood? Are there other such examples in mythology?

Bhima's oath shown in the video is almost scriptural. After Draupadi's insult it happens:

And Bhima said, Hear my words, you kshatriyas of the world. Words like these have never been uttered by other men, and no one will ever utter them in the future. Lords of the earth, if I have spoken these words and later do not accomplish them, do not let me preserve the region of my deceased ancestors. If I the breast of this wretched man in battle with sheer force , this evil villain of the Bharata race, tear open if I don't drink his life's blood, don't let me preserve my ancestral region . [Source]

The struggle is also based on the Scriptures. Later during the war, Bhima took his oath, but he did not injure his hand as shown in the video. Rather, he beheads DushAsana:

In that terrible battle, Bhima threw his mace at the prince. With this weapon, Bhimasena forcibly threw Duhshasana out of his car ten arcs away. ... He addressed Karna and Suyodhana as well as Kripa and Drona's son and Kritavarma and said: "Today I will kill the wretched Duhshasana. Let all warriors protect you (if they can)." ... Then he drew his sharpened sword with sharp sharpness and trembled with anger. He put his foot on the throat of Duhshasana and tore open the chest of his enemy, who was lying on the ground, and drank his warm blood of life. Then he threw it down and cut it off, O king, with that sworddrankyour son's head , Bhima of great intelligence who wanted to fulfill his vow little by little after the blood of his enemy, as if he wanted to savor its taste . ... Indeed, all who stood around Bhima and saw him drinking the blood of Duhshasana fled away ... [source]

However has Bhima didn't really drink the blood . He only inactivated it for the sake of the oath.
This is a lesser known story. Here is that clarification in his own words and it is less likely that he is genuinely afraid of GAndhAri's alleged curse:

As Bhimasena these words from Gandhari heard, he said like one with fright and said these words to reassure her: “Whether the act is fair or unjust, it was done by me out of fear and for the purpose of protecting myself. So it's up to you to forgive me now. ... Gandhari said , ... he didn't deserve such a death. However, he did everything you tell me to do. ... you drank the blood from Duhshasana's body in battle ! Such an act is cruel and is censored by the good. ... Bhima replied and said, 'It is inappropriate to talk about a stranger's blood. Then what must be said when talking about the blood of self? Your own brother is like your own self again. There is no difference between them. However, the blood (which I assume has been drinking) did not run over my lips and teeth, oh mother.Karna knew that Well. My hands were just smeared with (Duhshasanas) blood ... [source]

The other example from a mythological point of view is the blood that comes from Raktabiya drank becomes .

Raktabīja had the blessing that whenever a drop of his blood fell on the ground, a duplicate of Raktabīja was born there. Raktabīja was wounded, but drops of blood falling on the floor caused countless other raktabījas, and Durga was in trouble. It was at this point that the goddess created Rakteshwari, who stuck her tongue across the earth and licked every drop of blood from Raktabīja's body and devoured its duplicates into her gaping mouth.

However, from Wikipedia of Kali as the hunter of Raktabija, the story is a little different.

In today's world we can consider "Raktabiya" as a type of disease that infects virally through the blood (e.g. AIDS).

Rick ross

He just inactivated it for the sake of the oath ... So he didn't keep the oath? Has the blood also reached the roof of his mouth?


@Rickross, probably his oath to make others feel like he "drank" blood was which he succeeded in doing. And later he might have half lied to GAndhAri. Rather, the blood did not flow over his lips / teeth as he said.

Rick ross

He probably lied out of fear. However, smearing human blood (including a brother's) on your lips is a barbaric act in itself. Even if he failed to keep the oath, it is also a criminal offense. Such dvijas are considered degraded. Blood smeared lips that did not reach the roof of the mouth are also not believable.