What is sanchita karma

Stages of karma

  • On one level it is about creating good causes, sawing good seeds in order to experience good things, to get a good harvest.
  • On the other level, it is important not to set new causes in order to reduce the Sanchita Karma. Only when a large part of Sanchita Karma has been experienced can the aspirant experience higher levels of consciousness.

From the yoga point of view, the second point is most important.
Here the teachings of Karma Yoga as described by Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita are particularly important. It's about: How can you act so that you can do your tasks, learn your lessons, without creating new causes for new karma?

According to the Yoga Vedanta philosophy and the experience of the mystics of the various spiritual traditions, there is one Cosmic Consciousness, called Brahman, behind the entire universe of appearances. Shankaracharya expressed the teachings of the Vedanta philosophy in three sentences:

1. Brahma Satyam - Brahman alone is real.
2. Jagan Mithya - The world as we perceive it is unreal.
3. Jivo Brahmaiva Napara - The individual is nothing but Brahman.

The German poet Friedrich Rückert translated these sentences poetically as follows:

“Let it be proclaimed in three sentences what one finds in a thousand books: Brahman is real. The world is an appearance. The self is nothing but Brahman alone. "

Actually, the goal of life, namely to realize unity with Brahman, is very simple: you just have to be who you already are. As the oracle of Delphi put it: "Gnothi Seauton - know yourself." You don't really have to do anything special, you don't need any special high achievements - actually you can achieve the highest realization in this second - the realization that you are pure consciousness and to be one with God.