Why should I make my bed every day

make beds

Per: Cover and style the bed every morning

A made bed just looks nicer! The room immediately looks prettier and more homely and also makes a much better impression on potential visitors. In addition, people who make their bed in the morning are happier than the others, as Judy Dutton described the results of a study with 68,000 participants in an article for Psychology Today 2012 (https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/brain-candy / 201208 / make-your-bed-change-your-life). People who make their bed in the morning have the good feeling of having achieved something early in the day and also benefit from an orderly environment. The correlation between happiness and different living conditions found in the study can, however, also be interpreted the other way round: happy people who also like their work, own a home, regularly play sports and wake up well rested, also make their bed in the morning.


Cons: Push the cover aside and you're done?

During the night we lose numerous tiny flakes of skin, hair and a lot of water through sweating. When we get out of bed in the morning, we leave a paradise for the mites that unfortunately inevitably occur in every bed. They like it warm and humid and eat their fill of our skin flakes. We cannot see them, but if the mites become too numerous, the allergens in the mite droppings may cause allergies. If the duvet is spread out on the bed as soon as you get up, the moisture can hardly escape and the warm and humid feel-good climate for the mites is maintained for a long time. If you want to reduce the number of mites and do something good for yourself, you don't need to spread the blanket on the bed, but let the mattress dry uncovered.


The solution: Make beds, but do it right!

The most important thing after getting up is plenty of fresh air. Uncover the bed and air the pillows and duvet well, preferably outdoors in the fresh air. After the bedding is well ventilated, the bed can be styled. You don't necessarily have to spread the blanket over the whole bed. It also looks appealing when the blanket is folded in half or in thirds, placed at the foot end and smoothed out nicely.

  • The decisive factor is the ventilation of the bedroom. Create a dry room climate through intermittent ventilation (briefly open large windows). House dust mites need a humidity of at least 60% in order to reproduce.
  • The arachnids are very sensitive to unfavorable temperatures. A night in the freezer or several hours in the sauna at over 60 ° will kill many of them.
  • Frequent changing of bed linen helps, as this removes mite corpses and excrement.
  • Thoroughly cleaning carpets, mattresses and cuddly toys or decorations also helps to reduce the exposure to mites.


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