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Is there an age limit for sex in women?

Question: I (w) am now 45 years old. So far I have had a very fulfilling sex life with my husband (52). Recently, however, I've been wondering whether it will stay that way for the next few years. Or do I have to expect difficulties with sex as I get older? Is there actually an "age limit" for sex for women?

answer: There is no generally valid "age limit" for sex in this sense. However, after a certain age, the associated physical (im) possibilities can limit sex life. However, this is naturally very different from one individual to another.

In general, it can be said that in women up to the age of 35 sexual interest increases and then remains at this level for a long time. Surveys show that over a third of women between the ages of 60 and 80 have sex, and even more women express an interest in it. The ability to orgasm remains fully intact, the arousal phase may be somewhat longer, which can make a more extensive "foreplay" necessary.

As women get older, they often have problems with vaginal "getting wet". The vaginal skin secretes a clear fluid that is pressed out of a vascular network surrounding the vagina. The greater the excitement, the more blood there is in the plexus and the more fluid can wet the vaginal wall. The excitability is sometimes slowed down in old age, but is otherwise subject to exactly the same mechanisms as in younger women. Stress, fears, partner conflicts or pain can have a disruptive effect.

Estrogens are a decisive factor for vaginal moisture. After the menopause, the level of estrogen in the blood, which also affects the thickness of the vagina, drops. It becomes atrophic, meaning that it is no longer supplied with blood and nutrients that well, and the vaginal tube becomes more rigid. The reduced blood flow also changes the composition of the vaginal secretions. The vaginal wall becomes more prone to infection. Inflammation of the vagina can reduce the fluid even more. This promotes pain and contact bleeding during sexual intercourse or during the gynecological examination. The problem of the "dry vagina" can be alleviated or eliminated by administering estrogen - as tablets or as a cream locally in the vagina. For sexual intercourse there are also odorless and tasteless creams to increase the lubricity in the vagina.

The proportion of women who have to have their uterus and / or ovaries removed increases with age. However, the distance is not an obstacle to a fulfilling sex life. The uterus has no function for sexual intercourse. As a result of the operation, however, pain from adhesions in the abdomen or from scars in the vaginal blind sack may occur, which limit sexual interest and reduce pleasure. Some women also experience emotional pain after the operation because the body is no longer perceived as "intact" due to the loss of the uterus. When the ovaries are removed, the level of estrogen drops.

Another problem related to sexual activity in old age is urinary incontinence. The uncontrolled loss of urine during sexual intercourse is perceived by many women as bothersome and embarrassing, so they avoid sexual contact. In some cases, however, incontinence can be treated well. The exact diagnosis is essential, as a result, the symptoms can be relieved by medication or surgery. The training of the pelvic floor muscles also plays a major role in the treatment.

In conclusion, it must be said that a fulfilling sex life is very possible even in old age, but it depends a lot on the overall health situation. But if you feel physically fit, sex should be fun well into old age.

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Dr. Britta B├╝rger, specialist in gynecology and obstetrics

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