Why do Puerto Ricans like reggaeton music

Reggaeton or the future of partner dance

  • There is an interesting discussion going on at salsaforums.com/viewtopic.php?…s=0&postorder=asc&start=0, from which I would like to translate a few things:

    The user salsero says:
    It is said that the advent of the twist in the sixties marked the beginning of the end of partner dance as a mainstream movement in the US / UK.

    Will the advent of reggaeton mainstream with its solo dance style mean the same for Latin American music? And is it part of a general downtrend in culture away from partner dances that require more practice and study than just going on the dance floor and swinging your buttocks?

    The participant borikenSalsero, a Puerto Rican, replies:

    There are a number of variables to consider.

    Here in the US, once my generation of Latinos have children, it will definitely fade away even more.

    As for the situation now, I'm 30 and you wouldn't believe how many young Latinos there are, in their teens, who can't even speak merengue. Of course there is a constant influx of Latinos in America who still love partner dances in their home countries and therefore always try to keep their lifestyle alive in a foreign country.

    Of the Latino countries, couple dancing in Puerto Rico is perhaps the most in trouble. Of course there are still a relatively high number of partner dancers, but that high proportion is limited to people my age (30) or older. There are practically no teens who dance in pairs. Yes, you can still find them, but not as mainstream ...

    Unfortunately Puerto Rico has been Americanized in the sense that "this is for old people", an opinion that is really anchored on the island (USA). In the past, before the Anglo-American takeover, it was said, "Let me learn this from the old folks". But the young people have jumped on the bandwagon that arose here in the USA. Old musicians, old dances, old music, old people = they should withdraw.

    Again, this is about the mainstream. Today neither salsa nor other partner dances are mainstream, neither in the USA nor in Puerto Rico. It is far from that.

    It can change, but will the capitalist needs movement in the Latino world Americanize them and move Latinos more towards the Anglo-American path than the Latino-cultural path? If so, partner dancing will disappear as mainstream in Latin American countries.

    On the other hand, reggaeton can be said to be a kind of partner dance, hehe.

    All of Latin America has a problem with self-identity and race, especially Puerto Rico. The history of this problem leads them to view the Anglo-American world as optimal and makes Latinos want to behave American and, if possible, even become American.

    While some may disagree, it is a historical fact that mixed Latinos have always looked up to their Anglo-American counterparts. You might think that it started when Cortez landed on the coast of Central South America and the Indians greeted them as gods ... Furthermore, a capitalist world emphasizes that money means wealth, prosperity and superiority, and that means if if the masses follow suit, they don't even notice how their thinking is changing from socialist to capitalist ... look here in the USA who has the best opportunities and why? It is no longer about who does more for society, but who has more money.

    Reggeton is pretty much exactly that, the Americanization of young Puerto Ricans looking for their identity in music. However, this identity is clearly removed from the Latin roots and has become much more similar to the Anglo-American way ... Reggeton, although he represents the mentality of young big-city Latinos, is more the unconscious assimilation of young Puerto Ricans to US-America.

    You watch a hip-hop video or listen to a hip-hop song and you've heard everything Reggeaton is about ...

    By "American" I mean a way of thinking ... a way of thinking that stops being Latino and becomes American ... We'd have to search a long way before we can find a native Latino who thinks one is in America Born Latino is a real Latino ... by blood they are, but mentally not ... that is the reason why American-born Latinos feel like outcasts when they visit the country, yes themselves to return to him that they call home ...

    Soon globalis ... um ... imperialism / capitalism will take hold of the whole world and wash away the things that bring people together ... The need for frontal movement with closed eyes will spill over and everything that has been done by previous generations was washed away, because that has to go away in order to be replaced by new and better possibilities in life ...

    Not only is this a fact here in the US, as it is in Puerto Rico, but once Castro dies in Cuba, and if the path is given to the Americans, as was the case in Puerto Rico, then in 50 years Cuba will too become a freestyle society. Your lifestyle will be a thing of the past ... and that will be seen as the advancement of society.

    ... A society that emphasizes individuality, self-glorification and what the body can handle on its own has very little need for community activity based on the unity and unity of people.

    Still, society needs to learn to nourish its rich culture / folklore ...
  • Sounds depressing, but I don't think reggaeton will supplant salsa ... never ...

    It is logical that in Puerto Rico, which belongs to the states, the young Puerto Ricans born there call both the USA and Puerto Rico their home ...

    What is reggaeton? A mix of Puerto Rican bomba, traditional drum music, hip hop and salsa influences ... Have I forgotten something? Let somebody correct me, should I be wrong ?!

    But seriously ... I even danced SALSA with a 15 year old in the Dom Rep ...

    Partner dance die out? No!
    Absolute knowledge leads to pessimism; art is the remedy against it.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), German philosopher

  • hm, that the partner dance is dying out, I don't think so either ... and as the second speaker writes below .... reggeaton is really fun as a "couple dance" so there may be a reorientation, but the couple dance remains

    and just stand on the dance floor and wiggle your bottom, I can't leave it like that ... first you have to have the flexibility that some reggaeton dancers have!
    I wish you a good trip!
  • Well, I don't see reggaeton as a "couple dance" ...
    Absolute knowledge leads to pessimism; art is the remedy against it.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), German philosopher

  • If you see it as a "warm-up exercise" or as a "I'm hot for bed" dance, yes, then it is more fun as a couple dance ...

    And I ask you not to get me wrong, I like reggaeton, and I'm not one of those people who shy away from doing a little show with our Dominicans or with the Cubans like yesterday ... as long as it's in the realm of the still common taste buds remain ...

    But as a couple dance, I definitely won't let it go ...
    Absolute knowledge leads to pessimism; art is the remedy against it.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), German philosopher

  • sweetie, that's why I always put it in "" as a couple dance

    so let's not fight, let's dance

    it's good that everyone has their opinion, otherwise it would be boring
    I wish you a good trip!
  • Halli-hello, we're not arguing here ...
    And what do you think, how beautiful I danced reggaeton with the Cubans in Diablo yesterday ... Although Cubans don't dance like Dominicans either ...
    Absolute knowledge leads to pessimism; art is the remedy against it.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), German philosopher

  • hm hm ... right, we only exchange experiences with each other .. * g *

    However, I haven't danced reggaeton with any Cubans (as far as I know) * g *
    I wish you a good trip!
  • Couple dances will definitely never die out. It's always a question of the older generation whether they manage to convey it to the teenagers and make them palatable. My sister is 17 and, of course, she also likes reggaeton. But when she sees me go dancing, then she feels like it too. In addition, salsa is also fun because it is so multifaceted. With reggaeton you can't really express yourself. There will be an end at some point. Of course, even with salsa it will be difficult to progress at some point when you have already reached a high level, but with reggaeton it ends very early. You basically "just" have to be able to move around well. Okay, of course, that's not easy either. But all you need is a good bar, and then you can wiggle your ar ...: D.
    But I can't really imagine that the couple dances will be much less now. I'm not worried about that