Why can't Daenerys have children?

Can Daenerys Targaryen have a child?

"When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east," said Mirri Maz Duur."When the seas become dry and mountains blow like leaves in the wind. When your body speeds up again and you give birth to a living child. Then it will return and not before."

She gives examples of impossible things. This could just be another way of saying it will never happen. However, because it is so specific and we know how to write GRRM, we can conclude that the examples given to it may actually take place at some point towards the end of history. Maybe it's a way of saying that the world as we know it is coming to an end.

Someone on this thread mentioned that the freezing of the sea could be considered dry sea due to the white walkers. I thought the same.

Mountains blowing in the wind could be an indication that the wall is falling. The Horn of Winter is the only thing mentioned in the books that can cause the wall to fall, but who knows, there may be other ways of causing its destruction.

If her womb is speeding up again and she is giving birth to a living child, it can only mean that her unable to have children is only temporary.

The hardest part is that the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. Is this just a vague reference to the darkness that falls on the world? Will darkness begin in the east? Will it only let light in the west for a short time while it continues to fall before darkness is everywhere?

I'm not sure, but I believe this prophecy is related to Melisander's prophecy. “After the long summer, the world will be hard hit by darkness. Stars will bleed The cold breath of winter will freeze the seas and the dead will rise in the north. "

History will repeat itself, and when it does, a hero will be reborn.

"The Last Hero," who defended the human realms by fighting in the Battle of the Dawn, is expected to be reborn and save the world again. Supposedly reborn in the midst of smoke and salt, heralded by a bleeding star to awaken stone dragons.

Well, the bleeding star could have been the comet from a previous episode that woke dragons out of stone. Well, Dany has already done that. To be reborn in smoke and salt could be Dany's rebirth in the fire in which her dragons were born. Or maybe all of these things will happen again and she will give birth to a new hero (The Last Hero) who will awaken more dragons of stone. Could the reference to salt be linked to the Greyjoys in any way?

I summarize this by saying that I believe that the world as it knows it will end and a new generation will be tasked with rebuilding it. All of the prophecies together seem to point in this direction.