What if Jiren Kaioken learned

Power of the ultra instinct

A very important factor that was mentioned several times in the episode was that Goku was tired. This has been mentioned many times by Champa, including Beerus. This is very likely that the writers are trying to say that if Goku had had full power, he could have faced Kefla. I think one cannot reach a final conclusion whether Kefla is stronger than SSJB + Kaioken Goku. The last kick Kefla landed on him was obviously not as strong as her previous attacks. In other words, one might assume that Goku was extremely tired, which caused him to lose his shape

All Super Saiyan forms are multipliers of the base form. We know that the SSJG multiplier is superior to the SSJ3 multiplier and the SSJB multiplier is obviously much higher than the SSJG multiplier (based on Goku's battles with Jiren and Kefla). The multiplier would stay the same whether Goku is tired or not, but what would change is his initial base strength. The UI transformation is also a force multiplier that drives him to reach a state of complete mastery of self-movement. This is because in Android 17 we see Goku manage to break the drastic performance gap and go head to toe with Jiren. We also see Picollo noting how he got stronger with each stroke. When Dyspo and Toppo attacked, we finally know that Toppo is outnumbering SSJB with full force, but UI Goku was able to push him back easily rather than just dodging his attack. So it's obvious that even the UI transform acts like a performance multiplier.

Let's say Kefla manages to reach Super Saiyan 3 in the course of the fight with UI Goku, or if we see Jiren seriously fighting UI Goku at full strength, we can measure his power. Right now we don't know exactly how strong the transformation is.

Ravi Bechoe

The user interface as a performance multiplier makes sense as it significantly increases the user's speed due to perfect reflexes. A little off-topic for now, but that means speed is more important than Ki / Endurance in the Dragon Ball universe, or am I wrong now? Being tired he couldn't overcome Kefla with stamina and ki alone, but with speed (UI powerup) he turned the tables ... from what was shown.

Gary Andrews30

No, the user interface does not increase the speed, it improves the response time. Goku still has the same speed, but he reacts to that and attacks much faster. This was mentioned by Whis during her training that every part of her body should learn to react on its own. It is evident that most of the people in the Dragon Ball universe move at superhuman speeds (probably even faster than light). Normally, when Kefla took a punch, Goku's brain would send a signal to his hand that would cause him to block the pile. The UI transformations eliminate this process, which makes it more responsive.


As far as I understand, Goku was surprised when she emerged from behind him and received a surprise blow. Or did I misunderstand his expression (at least in the anime)? The persistence I understood was just that he can't do Kaioken for a long time because he has run out of stamina.

Gary Andrews30

It was mentioned several times by both Whis during the Power Tournament and by the old Kai during the Universe 6 vs 7 matches that the SSJB transformations require a lot of perseverance. In addition, stacking Kaioken requires even more stamina. If Goku had the power he could have used SSJB + Kaioken times 20 and destroyed Kefla or even Kaioken times 10, but he couldn't. A good example would be the cell saga in which Gohan's electricity is cut in half after the rescue of Vegeta. He was still in his SSJ2 transformation so the multiplier stayed intact but his base performance was interrupted