Who invented the paper stone scissors?

How to regularly rip off your opponents in the game of scissors, rocks, and paper from now on!

What is also important for your success and has been determined:

  • Men like to choose the stone in the first game. Open up against men with paper
  • An experienced player knows that! Therefore open with scissors against an experienced player, because the professional wants to defeat the layman with the paper at the beginning
  • We don't necessarily appreciate being considered predictable. So if your opponent has chosen the stone twice, he will switch to scissors to hit the expected paper. Therefore choose the stone yourself
  • Our fingers subconsciously react treacherously in advance to the mental decision made. It is worth paying attention to the opponent's fingers. If all fingers are tense, it will become the stone. All loose? More like paper! If only two are tense, it is the scissors
  • In general, paper is rarely chosen, here it is only 29.6%. The scissors are more likely at 35%. However, the stone is the most common choice, coming in at 35.4%.


Good luck winning! I am curious what you will play about from now on, rock, paper and scissors.


You will probably find it difficult to consciously do everything right so quickly. You don't have to, because you have an ally! Your intuition! It lets you do the right thing in important situations. But you have to train her, otherwise she won't know what to do.


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