What are some good packaging templates

Create shipments with "Send to Amazon"

Can I upgrade SKUs to FBA while using Send to Amazon?

No, only SKUs that have already been converted to FBA will be shown in step 1 of the shipment creation workflow (select inventory to ship). For more information on how to convert SKUs to FBA, see Fulfillment by Amazon.

How can I see my delivery schedule? How can I see my "Send to Amazon" workflow?

You can view your “Send to Amazon” workflow by clicking the shipment name in the shipping menu. For more information on switching between active workflows, see the "Switching Between Workflows" section above.

How can I access the workflow details of previously created shipments?

You can find information about all confirmed shipments in the shipping menu and search for them using the tracking number. Click on a shipment in the shipping menu to go to the ʺShipment Summaryʺ page. There you can track a shipment, view its contents and compare stock levels. To view the shipment under Send to Amazonʺ, click Show broadcast.

Can I rename my Send to Amazon workflow?

No, you cannot currently rename the Send to Amazon workflows.

Is "Send to Amazon" available in Marketplace Web Service (MWS)?

No, currently shipments that were created in Amazon MWS cannot be completed via ʺSend to Amazonʺ. It is planned to make this function available in Amazon MWS.