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Family Link notices for children under 13 (some countries have different minimum ages for Google Accounts)

Welcome to Google!

Here you can find out how we collect and use data about your Google account. Please read this important information completely and speak to your parents if you do not understand anything.

Further information can be found in our data protection information and in the data protection declaration.

What data does Google collect?

Like many other websites and apps, we collect information that we receive from you or your parents, such as your name and date of birth. We also collect data on the use of our services. This includes things like your search history, data about your device and the apps you use.

How does Google use the data?

We use this data, among other things, to make Google's apps and services better, safer or more relevant for you. Here are some specific examples:

  • To recommend apps, websites, and videos that we think you might like based on activities like searching or videos you've watched
  • To show you advertisements based on information such as the website you are currently visiting, entered search terms or your place of residence (city and state)
  • To help you find your device in case it is lost
  • To let your parents know about your activities with Family Link, such as which apps you are using or where your device is
What happens to the data that I share with other people or the public?

Some apps and services from Google allow you to share photos, comments, and other things with friends, family, and more. Remember: anything you share online could be made public. So think carefully before you share anything.

What data is Google allowed to pass on?

We take the protection of your data very seriously. There are few reasons why we will share your information with people outside of Google. We share some data with your parents and your family group on Google. We pass on data to other companies and persons who provide services for us. We take great care that they protect the data. We also pass on data if your parents give us their consent or if we are obliged to do so for legal reasons.

How can I manage my account?

You can find some of the information about you and your Google Account under My Account. You can also update, delete and export information there.

You can also use the activity settings to control which data we collect and how we use it. For example, you can choose not to save which videos you watch on YouTube Kids. If you make changes to the activity settings, your parents will be notified.

You can find out more about these and other tools in our privacy policy.

How can my parents manage my account?

Your parents can use settings and controls to help you manage your account until you're old enough to take care of everything yourself. For example, your parents can:

  • View, change or delete information about your account
  • Manage the apps on your device and see how long you've been using those apps
  • Limit when and for how long you can use your device
  • See where your device is
  • Manage the activity settings for your account and, for example, prevent you from managing these control functions yourself
  • If your parents created an account for you through Family Link, they can also sign in, reset your password, or delete the account.*

If you have any questions about your Google Account, talk to your parents. If you have any concerns about your rights, you can contact Google's data protection department or ask your parents to contact the local data protection regulator.

* What type of account do I have?