What's Now The Best Selling Book In America

Memoirs of Michelle Obama : Michelle Obama's "Becoming" best-selling book in 2018 in the US

Former First Lady Michelle Obama's memoir has been on everyone's lips since it was published two weeks ago. In North America alone, the book "Becoming" was sold more than two million times in the first 15 days, according to the Bertelsmann group publishing group Penguin Random House announced on Friday. It is the best-selling book of the year in the United States, according to media information company NPD BookScan.

Michelle Obama's memoirs have been published in 31 languages ​​and have become bestsellers in Germany as well as in France, South Africa and numerous other countries.
Ex-President Barack Obama's wife is currently promoting her book on a tour of the United States. She comes to Europe at the beginning of December. In addition to London and Paris, a short visit to Berlin is planned for December 6th.

The 54-year-old writes about personal matters like miscarriage and marriage counseling in her memoir. She will "never forgive" the incumbent US President Donald Trump for having questioned her husband's citizenship and thus endangering the whole family.

Over $ 65 million in fees for both Obama books

Although no details about the terms of the book deal were published, the Financial Times reported that the Obama couple received more than $ 65 million (57 million euros) for the worldwide rake of their twin memoirs. (AFP)

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